Solutions Overview

Industrialization & Prototyping


AMTI has in-house design and industrial engineering employees with years of experience bringing new products through the New Product Introduction process. This direct experience provides peace of mind and brings new opportunities to save costs on larger production volumes.

Board Assembly with Comprehensive Support Options

AMTI provides full featured board and module assembly solutions. Our solution incorporates state-of-the-art automated production equipment, highly trained operators and completely vetted processes that deliver exceptional quality.

  • Extensive PCB manufacturing capabilities using the latest technology
  • Full end-to-end quality support - from incoming part inspection to final test
  • Board level testing options (individual unit or panel) with robust in-house data collection system
Board Assembly

Program Management

AMTI’s Program Management is a comprehensive service solution that takes your manufacturing program requirements and converts them into a manufacturing solution, making your product come to life!

  • Experienced single point of contact to manage your program and your unique needs
  • Faster response to program changes offering you greater flexibility
  • More proactive response to potential quality issues
Program Management

System Build and Test

System Build and Test

AMTI can help with simple programs such as system assembly from kits provided by you to complete end-to-end manufacturing including advanced logistics services depending on your product need.

We offer a faster, more proactive response to quality improvement with detailed test result recording and tracking. This extensive infrastructure and capability gives you more choices and greater flexibility manufacturing your product.

Build to Order (BTO) / Configure to Order (CTO)

We drive manufacturing services solutions that leverage our capabilities, processes and quality systems. This is not seen more prominently in any other solution we offer than in our BTO/CTO service solution.

  • Distribution and Drop Ship Ability
  • All BTO/CTO elements are in-house reducing failure points while reducing costs.
  • Built in quality management and tracking systems from initial board/module production through direct shipment to end user.

This service provides you with the ability to develop truly advanced manufacturing process options (designed, vetted and executed) at lower NPI volumes.

Depot Repair & Reverse Logistics

Great products demand great support even after they have been deployed in the field. To service that need, AMTI has extended field support and depot repair solution options.

This solution incorporates the best elements of AMTI’s manufacturing and logistics capabilities to provide a service location for field damaged units or units that need to be reconfigured. Those units are repaired, re-certified, repackaged and delivered as directed based on your need.

Depot Repair