About AMTI

Our business value is found in the following key areas:

Quality. Speed. Flexibility. Teamwork.

Our Company

We make your ideas real through
Advanced Manufacturing & Industrialization Services.

By offering technology innovators a breadth of advanced electronics manufacturing and business support services, AMTI takes your ideas from concept through industrialization to market. From early stage prototype development through production to comprehensive distribution, logistics and sales support, AMTI Advanced Manufacturing is your single source partner for accelerated product to market services.

Our commitment to you is exceptional customer service and quality in everything we do with rapid response to your needs and changes in your business.


AMTI has direct experience and comprehensive service solutions for the following markets:

Military, Defense & Homeland Security

Telecom & Wireless Communications

Energy & Ancillary Industries

Commercial / Consumer Products

We understand the unique needs of your industry and market. Each and every vertical market has its own challenges that your manufacturing partner must understand to provide you the level of service you need.

AMTI has a proven history of success manufacturing high tech electronics and electronic assemblies for the defense, homeland security, telecommunications, energy and commercial electronics vertical markets. This direct experience and confidence is a critical factor in providing highly reliable processes and services that meets your needs, as well as those of your customers. If you would like to learn more about what AMTI has done for our customers in these markets, please give us a call or send us a message. We are proud to tell you our story and excited to learn more about your industrialization and production needs.

Community and Social Responsibility

The Work - Making Meaning

At AMTI we have significant resources committed to the development of new technologies and fund innovative projects that have outstanding potential to make our world a better place. We view it as our responsibility to bring these ideas to reality and continue to invent new ways we can make our world a better and safer.

While making meaning and building great technology is important, we could not achieve our results without the support from our community.

Do you have a community program that you want AMTI to be involved in? Contact us and let us know how you think we could help!

Educational Efforts

AMTI is committed to empowering our community through education. We strongly support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in our schools and believe strong investments in our students and schools today is what will make us a stronger community in the future.

Lego EV3 - STEM Program

Environmental Standards Compliance

A cleaner environment through compatibility in materials, process and products.

Our environment is important. It is our greatest resource and the primary support system for all life as we know it. We actively support and implement a wide array of initiatives protecting the environment through reducing our environmental impact and ecological footprint.

As an organization, AMTI strives to prevent environmental hazards in our spheres of influence, including the release of toxins and pollutants into the environment. As a manufacturer, we critically examine and evaluate all materials and manufacturing processes for environmental compatibility.

We have RoHS and lead free manufacturing standards in place. Our managers are proud to be “early adopters” of these standards throughout their careers - even before the standard was created. In addition to our own habits and behaviors, AMTI is proud to support innovative and promising technologies that keep both people and our environment safe.

AMTI adheres to all local, regional, and applicable national environmental standards and legislation. We are committed to delivering high quality products that are environmentally responsible.

The Power of Partnerships

One of our greatest assets is our relationships. We believe that by having the right mix of strategic partners our clients receive greater value, better products, exposure to new technologies and quicker lead times.

Through our partnerships and community relationships, AMTI is able to provide a more comprehensive array of services backed by world class technology leaders.

ITAR Statement


AMTI is registered with the Department of Defense Trade Controls.

In 2010 AMTI registered with the United States Department of State as a manufacturer of defense articles under its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and has put an Export Compliance Program in place.

ITAR regulations address the strict export and transfer of defense items and technologies to protect the interests of the United States and the peace and security of the broader international community.

Quality Standards and Support